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For my advanced studio course in creative technologies, I was asked to write a short description of my creative idea.

I have a show in Macy Gallery at the end of May, with another doctoral student. The focus of that show is to illustrate our experiences as artists that wear multiple hats – artist/educators; artist/researchers; and artist/studio (gallery) managers. The focus of my work for the show is to exhibit the results of my experiments with ceramic materials both in formal and conceptual ways.

I want to experiment with the clay in the same ways that I encourage my students. I want to utilize ceramic materials in new ways, incorporating the ideas, techniques and technologies from other mediums. I want to push myself beyond my comfort zone, to see what clay can offer outside of what I know, while embracing the failures that may result from these explorations.

As a specific work to include with this exhibition above, I would like to utilize the methods of laser cutting, laser drawing, 3D-Printing and 3D scanning to create a series pieces that reflect the intertwining of the processes with ceramic materials. In the abstract, I can see this as 3D scans of vessels that I have made, that perhaps then get 3D printed in a second iteration. Or laser cut patterns that can be incorporated into slip cast forms that can be turned into wall tiles. In the end I would like the experimentation with combining these processes to be the final outcome.